Tuesday, November 25, 2014

passion project update #3

Getting pretty close to the deadline for the passion project!!!  I am nearing completion but I am still doing the finishing details!

Creating-I need to research more fun facts and just some finishing ideas that will help conclude my whole presentations.
Evaluating-I am a little slow lately on my research due to the fact I am almost done with all of the topics I would like to cover.
Analyzing-I am still using the same website.  It is very informative but can be quite difficult to navigate.
Applying-I am super excited because later after my high school career, I can reference my presentation the US Naval Academy when I look to apply to this college.
Understanding-This presentation is important because it encompasses many important ideals of a midshipmen in the Naval Academy.
Remembering-Since my last update, I have gotten a MASSIVE amount of work done on inputting information in my project.  Lately I have focused the finer details in each slide...ex-pictures

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