Thursday, October 16, 2014

passion project update #2

             Hello to the universe and all who inhabit it! Here is my second passion project update.  Our class is almost at the halfway point.  There is still so much to do!!!

Remembering-I am now on the very large part of my passion project...the research!  I finally downloaded my own pictures from my trip to Annapolis and I am organizing my slides.  Right now I am mostly researching about possible areas of topic for the college and recording the websites on my last slide.
Understanding-Not only do I want to apply and attend this college, I want to succeed and become a company leader.  I also want to participate in extra-curricular activities.
Applying-Like in my other post, I feel I can look back on this presentation when I need a recap on my college requirements.
Analyzing-I am finding that i am being more varied in my slide structures so there really is no pattern to how I am formatting.
Evaluating-I am definitely picking up the pace but I still have so much to do!
Creating-Now comes the fun part.  I am going to continue my research and hope to learn more and more along the way!  I haven't encountered any obstacles yet so i am still going strong!  Check back in 2 weeks!