Monday, September 29, 2014

passion project update #1

My project is on the US Naval Academy in Annapolis Maryland.

Remembering- I made my title slide on my project.  I have started making my outline for I believe, 60-70% of my slides.  The basis of my project is completed. I researched the location of Annapolis, main founders, and basic enrollment standards.
Understanding-What I feel is important to me personally about my subject is that I want to attend the US Naval academy so researching will benefit me greatly.  I really am super passionate about this Academy and I hope to attend.
Applying- I could, in the future, use this info to look back on when I go to apply to the Academy.
Analyzing-Some patterns I noticed I did in the part of my presentation i already created was I went to the same website for all of my information.
Evaluating-I feel I am progressing very well on my project and that if I stay on track, I can be finished in the time allotted and have time to go more in depth.
Creating-I need to next get into the bulk of my project; the main brick of research.