Wednesday, December 10, 2014

SUV vs Mini Cooper Situation
            Right off the bat I feel programming a car to hit into a specified vehicle or object such as an SUV or a smaller car like a Mini Cooper.  I have to say that, I do agree with the crash optimization idea, where the autonomous car would make a decision where it will crash into the car that will cause the least damage in total.  This idea is going along the path of the ethical lens of outcomes.  This idea will cause the least harm in the end.  On the other hand, programming a car to hit either the SUV or the Mini Cooper could be seen as profiling to some extent.  For example, if the autonomous car company were to program the car to crash into the Mini Cooper because it caused the least damage to the passengers in the autonomous car, many people would be scared if they owned a smaller car and would be dissuaded in buying another small car in the future.
Biker with Helmet vs Without Helmet
          Now instead of cars like above where the likelihood of living for the passengers of the cars is generally adequate, the bikers in this situation will most likely face imminent death if the car swerves into them.  In this case, going either way would be wrong.  If the car is trying to do the least damage, it would most likely swerve into the biker who has a helmet on because he has a lesser chance of dying on impact.  In the outcomes perspective this would be the obvious choice.  The problem with this though, is that this will dissuade riders from wearing helmets because they will be put in danger if they do.  OH THE IRONY!

Random Number Generations in Decision Making
         I agree with the random number generation system for autonomous cars due to the fact that randomness does not profile.  This would prevent lawsuits by proving that the car company had absolutely no say in what decision the car would make and who it would crash into.  Also, this random number generator is just like a human being's decision making.  It does not make preferences on who to hit making no one liable for injuries in the crash.  I feel that a random number generator is the safest and most effective way to stay away from lawsuits and will be the most effective in the end.

If the driver is not making control decisions, should he/she be responsible for any outcomes at all? Why or why not?
        This question above, I feel, is all dependent on the technology of the autonomous car.  If the driver is fully capable of immediately changing the direction/speed of the car and they happen to react to the oncoming car/ object of imminent crash, and hit another car causing damage, they can be held responsible by all means.  Now if the car does not have the feature to immediately switch from autonomous to the normal driving mode, it should not be the driver's fault.  Everything considered, a driver makes the choice to let the car do the work of driving while they are still capable of making choices, they should be held accountable for the outcomes.

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

passion project update #3

Getting pretty close to the deadline for the passion project!!!  I am nearing completion but I am still doing the finishing details!

Creating-I need to research more fun facts and just some finishing ideas that will help conclude my whole presentations.
Evaluating-I am a little slow lately on my research due to the fact I am almost done with all of the topics I would like to cover.
Analyzing-I am still using the same website.  It is very informative but can be quite difficult to navigate.
Applying-I am super excited because later after my high school career, I can reference my presentation the US Naval Academy when I look to apply to this college.
Understanding-This presentation is important because it encompasses many important ideals of a midshipmen in the Naval Academy.
Remembering-Since my last update, I have gotten a MASSIVE amount of work done on inputting information in my project.  Lately I have focused the finer details in each slide...ex-pictures

Thursday, October 16, 2014

passion project update #2

             Hello to the universe and all who inhabit it! Here is my second passion project update.  Our class is almost at the halfway point.  There is still so much to do!!!

Remembering-I am now on the very large part of my passion project...the research!  I finally downloaded my own pictures from my trip to Annapolis and I am organizing my slides.  Right now I am mostly researching about possible areas of topic for the college and recording the websites on my last slide.
Understanding-Not only do I want to apply and attend this college, I want to succeed and become a company leader.  I also want to participate in extra-curricular activities.
Applying-Like in my other post, I feel I can look back on this presentation when I need a recap on my college requirements.
Analyzing-I am finding that i am being more varied in my slide structures so there really is no pattern to how I am formatting.
Evaluating-I am definitely picking up the pace but I still have so much to do!
Creating-Now comes the fun part.  I am going to continue my research and hope to learn more and more along the way!  I haven't encountered any obstacles yet so i am still going strong!  Check back in 2 weeks!

Monday, September 29, 2014

passion project update #1

My project is on the US Naval Academy in Annapolis Maryland.

Remembering- I made my title slide on my project.  I have started making my outline for I believe, 60-70% of my slides.  The basis of my project is completed. I researched the location of Annapolis, main founders, and basic enrollment standards.
Understanding-What I feel is important to me personally about my subject is that I want to attend the US Naval academy so researching will benefit me greatly.  I really am super passionate about this Academy and I hope to attend.
Applying- I could, in the future, use this info to look back on when I go to apply to the Academy.
Analyzing-Some patterns I noticed I did in the part of my presentation i already created was I went to the same website for all of my information.
Evaluating-I feel I am progressing very well on my project and that if I stay on track, I can be finished in the time allotted and have time to go more in depth.
Creating-I need to next get into the bulk of my project; the main brick of research.